About us

The company Vesto was established in 1989. Since 2000 it has started a new production for ladies, men and children knitwear clothes and other knitwear products. We have two knitting machines "Universal", one flex knitting machine, ten others sewing machines and one embroidery machine.

Sinse 2011 the company  started production of pet knitwear clothes. The company production is well accepted on the Bulgarian market. We are offering a great variety of colors and patterns. There are 7 sweater sizes for small and middle  large dogs, but we can offer and larger sizes if there is an interest. The company developing and new models consistent with providing to your pets the comfort they need.

We can produce 1000 items for month, but if you need there is an option to produce more.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact with us. We will answer as soon as possible.